Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream

6 Piece Truffle Box


Soy lecithin free.
Made with organic, fair trade chocolate.

This is a labor of love! Made with certified organic, fair trade, soy free 70% dark chocolate, our truffles are hand crafted from start to finish. Inside an eco-friendly box made of unbleached recycled paperboard, your truffles are packaged in a resealable, recyclable cellophane wrapper for extra protection.

Each 6-piece truffle box contains three truffles each of two different flavors, with a flavor key inside, telling you which flavor goes with which design.

With these flavor choices, you can't go wrong!

~3 Cacao Nib + Sea Salt truffles paired with 3 Espresso Bean truffles
~3 Vanilla Bean truffles paired with 3 Vermont Maple truffles
~3 Rosemary-Grapefruit truffles paired with 3 Lavender-Lemon truffles

OR... try our 6 Piece Medley Truffle Box, with 1 each of all 6 flavors.

Allergen Information: Although we are careful about cross-contamination, we can't guarantee its absence. Our products are made in a facility that also processes tree nuts, dairy, and gluten.

Interesting fact: we use a mere cup of heavy cream for a batch of 100 truffles. Perhaps not as much dairy as you thought? Regardless, these dense, delicate confections will have you wondering how you lived without them.

Should be enjoyed within 18 weeks of receipt (see date on product). Keep away from heat sources. Refrigerate only if ambient temperature is above 70 degrees.