Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream

Ice Cream + Sorbet

made 100% from scratch 

with organic and local ingredients, transparency, and passion.

No corn syrup, GMOs, hype or gimmicks. Ever.

In 1997, Erlé LaBounty began making truffles and chocolate covered pralines out of his grandfather's farmhouse, on a dairy farm in Randolph, VT. For the next 18 years, we were Farmhouse Truffles. In 2015, we became Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream. While chocolate keeps us busy in the cooler months, now handcrafted ice creams and sorbets, crafted by Eliza (Erlé's wife), keep us just as busy in the warm months. Our passion is now our livelihood, all year round. It's a beautiful thing!

We're very proud of our newest product line. We use organic milk, delicious heavy cream from a nearby family-run dairy, and farm-fresh eggs, all from Addison County, Vermont, where we live and work; and only the finest flavorings (fresh, organic, mint; organic, fair trade, soy-free dark chocolate; organic vanilla beans, hand burnt caramel, and organic and local produce).

Our ice cream is around 14% butterfat, with less air churned in than most premium ice creams, offering the perfect level of richness, blissfully joining clean bold flavors to an underlying creaminess. So you get more of the good stuff, and none of the rest!


Where to find our ice creams + sorbets

Currently, our ice creams and sorbets are available exclusively in these places:


1) Stowe Farmers' Market: on the green behind the Red Barn shops on Mountain Road, every Sunday, May 20 - October 14, 2018, 10:30am-3pm.


2) In stores: In October 2017 we began distributing 3 different ice cream flavors (and 1 vegan sorbet) to a select group of Vermont retailers. Our pints can be found at:

Middlebury Natural Foods Coop, Middlebury, VT

Healthy Living Café & Market, South Burlington, VT

Pete's Greens, Waterbury Center, VT

The Pantry, Stowe Mountain Resort, Stowe, VT

Woodstock Farmers' Market, Woodstock, VT

And, of course, a larger, constantly rotating selection of pints can also be found at our factory shop in Bristol, VT!


If you are interested in stocking or distributing our pints, please get in touch!


3) American Flatbread, Middlebury Hearth, serves our ice creams on their dessert menu, year round.

IMG_2756 IMG_4711 IMG_2970

ice cream meant to be savored.

For detailed allergy information, please click here.

Come visit us at our 4 month "Pop In" scoop shop!