Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream

It began with an obsession.

Growing up in rural Vermont without electricity, working on his grandfather’s dairy farm after school, Erlé LaBounty was far more concerned with lunchtime than recess. At home, he made clandestine trips to the refrigerator to nibble on whole sticks of butter, his whip-thin frame corroborating his supposed innocence when confronted.


Since then, Erlé has transformed this natural obsession with gastronomy into a career, graduating from the New England Culinary Institute in 2001 and working with chefs, pastry chefs, and bakers in Vermont, Alaska, New York, and Italy. In the late '90s, while still in high school, he founded Farmhouse Truffles (in honor of his grandparents' farmhouse, where he began making his chocolates). For years, Erlé threw himself into dark chocolate truffles and pralines during the cooler months of the year, growing the business slowly through word of mouth.


Erlé's wife, Eliza, came to Vermont in 2010, after working in Florence, Italy's specialty food market, Il Mercato Centrale, and leading food and wine tours in Italy. Eliza has worked on vineyards in Italy, France, and Vermont, and has been obsessed with ice cream from a young age.


Thus, in 2015, the couple branched out into small batch ice cream and sorbets, relying on local dairy and produce. Now La Rocca creates ice cream from scratch, using organic Vermont milk, Vermont cream, local eggs, organic and local produce, and the finest fresh herbs and spices; pasteurizing each batch in house, carefully crafting each flavor from start to finish.


At Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream, we live to make chocolates, ice cream, and sorbet that are simple, but sublime; that bring joy; that are made with the highest quality local and organic ingredients. We’re not in it to get rich, we’re in it for the love of honest to goodness, blow your mind, make your day, lift your spirits confections, made from real food.


We give everything we’ve got to this business because we believe in it, we believe in each other, and because we really, really like making people smile.




Artisan is as artisan does.

All of our chocolates are made with organic, fair trade, soy lecithin-free, dark chocolate!


Our truffles feature a combination of silky smooth chocolate ganache (made with organic, fair trade, soy-free 70% chocolate, Vermont cream, & various fresh fruits & spices), each one hand dipped in the same organic, fair trade chocolate. The result: the ultimate sensory experience in every bite.


We craft six kinds of beautiful, vegan 1.7 oz organic, fair trade, soy-free chocolate bars: featuring 70% and 85% chocolate, each carefully wrapped in unbleached parchment paper to protect the chocolate from smells & moisture, then in beautifully designed black and white laid paper.


Finally, we challenge you to eat just one of our chocolate covered salted caramels! Hand dipped in 70% organic, fair trade chocolate, the richly developed burnt caramel lingers, never too sweet.


No shortcuts. No additives.


Just sublime results & a passion some might say borders on obsession.


Bristol, Vermont

Farmhouse Chocolates

+ Ice Cream

Ice Cream and Sorbet made from scratch with organic, local ingredients!


Our 100% made-from-scratch ice creams and sorbets are currently available by the scoop and by the pint at our farmers' markets; always available (in various, mind-blowing flavors) at our factory shop in Bristol; and newly available by the pint in a handful of flavors at select Vermont retailers. Here are the deets!


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